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Modular Cast Block
Modular Cast Block Infographic

​Modular Cast Block (MCB)

The Modular Cast Block (MCB) eliminates the need for nearly 66% of the labor hours required by traditional silica repairs, in addition to displacing nearly 30 silica shapes.  Due to the large monolithic size and the can reduce a 3-week repair process to days or hours, helping to eliminate excess costs in labor and oven down-time. Saving money in the short term on labor costs and in the long-term in productivity losses are just two of the benefits of MCB technology.

Utilizing the MCB also creates an innately safer environment, eliminating more labor-related hazards and work-related injuries. The MCB helps mitigate the losses a company faces during the installation process, but also produces a safer oven for many generations of coke production.
The Modular Cast Block (MCB), with its specially engineered concrete mixture, is resistant to cracks and does not expand. The high-heat resistance of the material creates an oven environment that resists leaks and breakage common to more traditional masonry methods.

Preventing this leakage not only creates a more efficient system, but also provides a cleaner oven and reduces environmental impact. The methods utilized by Vanocur Refractories® create a greener and more productive oven, modernizing a traditional industry for the 21st century.
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