At Vanocur Refractories, LLC, we provide a competitive advantage to our clients through coke oven design and repair. We utilize a patented technology, the Modular Cast Block (MCB), along with personalized solutions to ensure that your ovens are efficient – and remain so – over a span of decades. To learn more about the Modular Cast Block  

Time optimization & easy installation

Utilizing revolutionary engineering, software, and technology, we offer a different approach before your installation begins. Utilizing our technology, you will see a 66% reduction in the required man-hours in a typical installation process.


​Labor efficient & safety operations

Vancour Refractories, utilizing our "Big Block" technology, offers a faster, smoother installation than leading competitors.


Less degradation from thermal shock

Once installation is complete, our products create a more efficient and productive oven.

Environmental sound with fewer joints

The high-heat resistance of the material creates an oven environment that resists leaks and breakage common to more traditional masonry methods.
Preventing this leakage not only creates a more efficient system, but also provides a cleaner oven and lessens environmental impact.

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