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About Us

At Vanocur Refractories®, we provide a competitive advantage to our clients through coke oven design and repair. We utilize our patented technology, the Modular Cast Block (MCB), along with personalized solutions to ensure that your ovens are repaired in the most cost and time efficient manner.  High Quality - Cost Effective - Environmental Compliance

As an industry leader in design, repair, and installation, we are confident in the quality of our products and services. Our Team, in collaboration with yours, will redesign and implement a strategy that best enhances your oven’s efficiency, longevity, and productivity.

Dedication to each customer and belief in our product are the reasons why Vanocur Refractories® remains the leader in coke oven refractory repairs and rebuilds.


Vanocur Refractories® has been constructed around the concept of constant innovation. Customized solutions are just one aspect of our business model.


- A Vision and a Purpose -

Our mission at Vanocur Refractories® is simple: to provide a product that optimizes our client's operations and maximizes revenues.


Our big solution is clear: superior engineering. Our team of experts understand the science behind our industry and how to handle the problems that commonly arise.

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