Our Mission & Values

To supply the coke and steel industry with revolutionary innovations and expertise in oven design to reduce costs attributed to down time, labor, and future maintenance repairs all while assuring quality, safety and client satisfaction.

Man in vehicle moving blocks

To Our Customers

Our primary concern is your satisfaction; at Vanocur Refractories, we have great pride in our products and services. We work alongside your company to craft a customized solution that will, once implemented, mitigate loss during the repair/install process and maximize productivity thereafter.


To Our Community

Vanocur Refractories prides itself as being part of Western New York.  At a time when manufacturing is leaving the United States, we have brought it back.  We are proud of our local skilled workforce that produces a quality product installed globally. 


To Our Environment

Due to the thermal shock resistance of our product, along with 90% fewer joints, Vanocur Refractories provides a repair solution unmatched in environmental standards.