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Cost Savings

Vanocur Refractories® understands the importance of staying competitive in a global market.  Our patented product provides immediate and future cost savings.  

Few Installers


A typical throughwall rebuild with traditional silica brick would require 60 skilled bricklayers.  Vanocur® module rebuilds average between 10 and 12 laborers/riggers.

Riggers vs Bricklayers

​Unlike traditional repairs, Vanocur Refractories® repairs do not require skilled bricklayers.  Our big BLOCK™ modules replace approximately 30 brick, and are installed with rigging equipment.  In a time where skilled bricklayers are at a premium, ​the installation cost can be greatly reduced by using either in-house personnel or contracted laborers/riggers.

Total average completion for a double throughwall replacement from push-out to charge-in is 30 days. This can be accomplished through a combination of mechanical demolition and installation of modules that are displacing approximately 30 traditional silica bricks at one time.

Minimal Loss of Coke Production

Reduced Post Maintenance Costs 

​With the use of VANOCAST™, spalling and cracking due to thermal shock are greatly reduced.  This translates into reduced need for spraying and patching.


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