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3D Model for building coke blocks
3D Model for building coke blocks
Vanocur Refractories'® Engineering and Design staff uses cutting edge, state of the art technology to produce only the highest quality products for our customers.  Combined with their experience, innovation and design skills, we are able to customize solutions that suit our customer’s individual needs.
Every component is designed using the latest in 3D parametric modeling software and placed into assemblies to visually inspect the form and fit of our modules.  Once our design and engineering staff review and approve the designs, customers are able to view what their final product will look like and how it will be assembled before the first component is even made.  After the customer’s approval, the mold design process begins and our staff custom designs each mold using the same state of the art technologies that was used in designing  the modules.  This technology allows our staff to hold tight tolerances and produce the highest quality coke oven repairs in the industry.  
Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and every part is thoroughly checked and inspected before leaving our facility..
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