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​Why Us?

Vanocur Refractories® is a well-established business led by an experienced management team knowledgeable in both coke oven operations and repairs. In a short span of time, we have grown bigger and better with our skill, hard work, dedication for customer satisfaction and innovative methods.


Our turnaround time for module production is considerably less than that of silica brick.  Along with quick delivery, installation time is a fraction of traditional silica repairs.


Safety is of prime importance in the coke industry. Our continuous focus on maintaining high safety standards has made us one of the most reliable coke oven repair and maintenance companies globally.

Vanocur Refractories'® modules provide a cost-effective, superior product that cannot be matched on performance, ease & time of installation, lack of need for maintenance and longevity. Jump directly to the benefits of Vanocur Refractories® by clicking here.

We hold multiple patents for Modular Cast Block in over fifteen countries.

Vanocur front of building
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