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As a "GREEN" company, Vanocur Refractories® recycles all recoverable foam byproducts that are produced during the manufacturing of cast shapes.

CNC Machine close up

​Shredded Foam


During our routing process, we create an abundant amount of fine foam particles that can be utilized as filler in bean bags or stuffed animals.

CNC Machine

Compressed Foam


During the mold-making process, we produce large foam scraps that are ground up and condensed into foam blocks that are reused to manufacture other products such as picture frames.

Plant in Soil in hands

Are you an environmentally friendly company looking for an alternative to paying for land disposal?


Vanocur Refractories® is currently accepting clean expanded polystyrene foam to recycle.  If you are interested, please contact Kevin at our environmental recycling department at (716) 332-4337 or by email by clicking here.   

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