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As a coke oven operator, the last thing you welcome is disruption in your operations.  It is time to experience a quick oven rebuild with minimal interference.

Labor Efficiency

You can eliminate up to 2/3 of the required labor hours necessary for installation by traditional methods. The Modular Cast Block (MCB) takes the place of nearly 30 traditional silica shapes.  In addition, the installation of the MCB can be done with in-house employees opposed to costly brick layers.

Faster Installation

In addition to saving you on labor, the MCB saves time. A three month process, which can be a drain on productivity and revenues, is reduced to mere weeks.
The large modular blocks, with the tongue and groove design, helps to streamline the process of installation. As the blocks are customized, the repair process becomes intuitive.
The oven taper is BUILT INTO the modules.  The guess work is taken out of building coke ovens.
Unlike traditional silica bricks that require multiple weeks for start-up, Vanocur® modules take less than 48 hours of heat up before the flues can be lit off.

Safer Operations

We are all looking for methods to create a safer work environment.  Historically, most accidents occur within the groups of "outside contractors" and "maintenance"; coke oven repairs fall under both of these categories.  
​Let Vanocur Refractories® help you rebuild your coke ovens as safely as possible.  A shorter demolition and rebuild with fewer workers equals less opportunities for an accident.  
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