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Vanocur Refractories® offers a product that will give you the tools to be environmentally compliant.


Fewer Joints

Over 90% of the joints are eliminated through the use of Vanocur's® big block™ technology, which is the area of high potential of oven to flue leakage.​
In addition to reducing incidence of leakage, any by-products that do leak will not escape into the flue but will instead be recaptured by other ovens.

Minimal Expansion

Thanks to an exclusive material, VANOCAST™, used in the production of MCB, our bricks can be heated and cooled much faster and to higher extremes with better resistance to thermal shock. 
Due to the nature of the material used in our modules, we design the ovens to hot dimensions.  
Our modules are cast from double fused silica castable that has been improved upon over the last 10 years.  

Interlocking Joints

Whether it be an end flue or thruwall rebuild, all modules are tongue and grooved to increase the mortared surface area.

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