​Modular Cast Block (MCB)

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Time Optimization & Easy Installation

Coke Block on Forklift

Labor Efficient & Safety Operations

At Vanocur Refractories, LLC, we provide a competitive advantage to our clients through coke oven design and repair. We utilize a patented technology, the Modular Cast Block (MCB), along with personalized solutions to ensure that your ovens are efficient – and remain so – over a span of decades.

An industry leader in design, repair, and installation, we are confident in the quality of our products and services. Our Team, in collaboration with yours, will develop a custom design and implementation strategy that best enhances your oven’s efficiency, longevity, and productivity – all while mitigating repair and maintenance costs.


Stacks of coke blocks

Less Degradation From Thermal Shock Due to Zero Expansion


Environmental Sound with Fewer Joints for Possible Leakage Points